Learning to nurture and grow life-giving relationships @ Connected Lives.

Connected Lives is a new charity which has grown out of a community-based project, The Centre, based at St Mary’s Bryanston Square in Westminster. Our registered charity number is 1184376.

At Connected Lives, we believe we were designed to live connected from cradle to grave. Children and adolescents need this kind of relationship with their parents in order to emerge as kind, loving and resilient adults. Partners need this kind of relationship to enjoy lasting love and closeness. Living connected lives is good for our mental, emotional, social and even physical well-being.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to equip and support Individuals,Churches and Other organisations who would like to join us in providing effective support for families and couples.

We support healthy, life-changing connections between parents and children, parents and teens and between partners. By providing effective help early on, we promote connection and well-being and prevent relational breakdown.

What we do

Connected Lives is all about helping key relationships thrive. Using evidence-based programmes such as Circle of Security Parenting©, Hold me Tight©, and Created for Connection©, our trained facilitators provide a safe space for people to think about these connections through groups, courses, trainings and one off evening events.

Please check our events page for the up coming events.

Being socially connected is our brain’s lifelong passion ... it’s been baked into our operating system for tens of millions of years.
— Matthew Lieberman, Prof. and Lab Director, UCLA

What We've Achieved so far ... 

Circle of securitY Parenting

  • 75% of parents reported that their child's behaviour is better after attending a group.

  • 93% of parents said attending the group had improved their relationship with their child.

  • 87% of parents said coming to a group reduced their parental stress.

  • 98.8% of parents would recommend COS-P to other parents and carers.

hold me tight 

  • 89% of participants say the course has helped them to understand their partner better.

  • 71% of participants said attending the course improved their relationship with their partner.

  • 77% got the outcomes they were looking for

    “I wish I did it 10 years ago! It has helped me so much to understand [my] relationship with [my wife], to understand what was missing, to understand what [was] wrong and why”