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4 day Facilitator Training

The 4 day seminar trains professionals to use the 8 chapter Circle of Security Parenting© DVD programme. This programme contains the core components of the Circle of Security protocol and can be used in group settings, home visitation, or individual sessions.

There are over 15,000 COS-P facilitators world-wise operating in both clinical and early help settings. In the UK it is used in early help teams, perinatal mental health services, clinical teams, CAMHS, with adoptive and foster parents and by individual community based practitioners. Recent studies indicate that participating in a COS-P group helps build parental reflective functioning, reduces punitive parental response to children’s needs and supports attachment security.

The programme is based on decades of attachment research and is accessible and easy to use. The programme presents video examples of secure and problematic parent/child interaction, healthy options in caregiving, and animated graphic designed to clarify principles central to COS©.  Recent studies indicate that it helps build parental reflective functioning, reduces punitive parental response to their children’s needs and enhances child executive functioning.

The training course is designed for social workers, family therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, health visitors, family support workers, nursery workers, outreach workers, behaviour support specialists, and anyone providing parenting education or support to parents
of young children.


Cos-P Facilitators Learning Community

Cos-p facilitators learning community

There are over three hundred trained COS-P facilitators working in a huge variety of settings across the UK.

Every now and then the facilitators come together to learn from each other about how the COS-P approach is being used to help parents and children in different settings and to share good practice. 

Next Community Group will focus on:

  • Using COS-P as a tool for One-to-One sessions

  • Working on softening punitive parents

  • Helping to strengthen helpless parents


created for connection

created for connection | training days

Anyone who has been involved in supporting couple relationships will know that distressed relationships are painful to watch and hard to help.  Couples often know what they are supposed to do (to love and to cherish till death do us part) but they don’t always know how to do this or why it feels so hard. 

The Created for Connection© approach, written by Dr Sue Johnson and Kenny Sanderfer brings together Biblical wisdom and the new 'science' of love and relationships. It helps couples understand why they behave in hurtful and unhelpful ways towards one another and shows them how to move back to closeness and intimacy.

The one-day training days are for anyone involved in supporting couple relationships. Those attending will learn about the approach, work through some of exercises and hear  about the practicalities of running a course. 

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professional training sessions

professional training sessions

From time to time we will run one-off teaching events on topics which may be of interest to parents and/or professionals working with children or couples. The subject matter will vary but will always be concerned with relationships and emotional well-being.

Often we will invite renowned experts to speak at these events which will not only provide an opportunity to learn about latest developments but to meet like-minded professionals and to establish networks for support and information-sharing.


Next course

4 -7 2020


Next Course

Wednesday 16th October 2019


next course

watch this space ...


Next Course

watch this space ...